Who we are

The Delaware Independent is a new local news site for southern Delaware.

Our goal is to provide this part of the state with quality, independent journalism, supported by readers and delivered via email newsletter.

We want to fill a void in southern Delaware caused by the alarming collapse of local news. Read more about that here.

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Our coverage area

The Delaware Independent will focus on southern Delaware, with stories from around Sussex County and a special interest in the area of western Sussex (and up into Harrington). As we grow, we’ll look to expand coverage into more communities.

What we are, and what we aren’t

Delaware Independent is a digital only email newsletter and news site. Unlike a traditional newspaper, we won’t offer comic strips, sudoku, national news or syndicated columns. Instead, we’ll offer a streamlined, simpler model of stories, news briefs and information on local events.

At least initially, we won’t offer local sports coverage — we can only do so much if we want to do it well — but we hope to expand in that area eventually.

Our focus is not on making it to every crash scene, reporting on every burglary, or getting a photo of every ribbon-cutting. But each week we want to dig up information you didn’t know and introduce you to neighbors who are doing noteworthy things, while updating you on what your local government is up to.

How it will work

The Independent is offering some stories for free as we get off the ground, but we have begun transitioning to a paid model.

If you're interested in subscribing, check out our free articles (a handy way to do this is to sign up for the free version of the email newsletter). If you enjoy and value our newsletter and want to support what we’re doing, we hope you'll sign up as a paying subscriber.

Stories will be emailed out regularly throughout the week as they are written, then collected each week into one email newsletter with extra news and events. To get on the mailing list, you can subscribe here. (You won’t be charged unless you decide to become a paying subscriber). You can choose between a free subscription, a monthly subscription of $5, and a yearly subscription of $50.

If you’re used to free news, this might seem like a lot for a newsletter. But when you compare it to the cost of an Italian sub, or a trip to a coffee shop, or even buying deodorant or toothpaste, it’s the kind of cost we absorb all the time without even really thinking about it.

We have this radical economic theory that if a business has a product, and people want that product, they’ll pay money for it and the business can then use that money to grow. We haven’t come up with a name for it yet, but we think it will catch on.

The perks

This kind of news comes with a distinct advantage: Few ads, no popups, and no autoplay videos distracting you from the story. Cut out the clutter and just get the news you want.  

Subscribers will not have to deal with a cumbersome password system. When you sign up, we’ll email you a login link.

You can read articles in the email newsletter and forward them to friends, or go to  delawareindependent.com to read our complete archives and get links to share.

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Write for us

As we get started, we’re limited in how much we can pay, but if you are interested in doing freelance journalism for the Independent we’d love to talk to you and discuss terms. Email asharp@delawareindependent.com.


Email us at mail@delawareindependent.com or call 302-404-3767 to share your thoughts on this project and let us know what kind of stories you’d like to read.  

Ownership and affiliations

The Delaware Independent is locally owned and operated. We are a member of Local Independent Online News Publishers, a professional journalism association for independent news publishers.