Our values

Our values

At the Delaware Independent, we strive to adhere to the high standards of quality journalism.

These are our guiding values: Fairness, respect, pursuit of the truth, transparency and last but not least, entertainment.

We will aim to:

Be fair, covering government figures, politicians and community issues without favor for one political party or side over another. That doesn’t mean we’ll fudge our reporting so that all sides appear equally right. It means our goal is to give nobody special treatment or be their propaganda mouthpiece.

Be respectful, reporting honestly without twisting people’s words or looking down on them because of what they believe or whether they’re rich or poor. Every person is a valuable human being and we aim to treat them as such.  

Pursue and write the truth, digging for the facts and looking for the nuance in each story.

Be transparent, admitting when we’ve made an error and being open about who we are and what we do.

Be pro-community. If there’s a good bias for a local news site to have, this is it.  

Entertain our readers. Sometimes journalists present local news like medicine: Every community needs it, and it may not be fun to consume but it will be good for you. Slog through that entire events calendar and all those press releases about new government initiatives and road projects, and you’ll be a better person for it. We want our readers to enjoy our newsletter, and we want to have fun reporting the news. Some stories will be more serious, some tragic and others lighthearted, but the newsletter should always be good reading.